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We  are committed to changing our agricultural practices to improve the quality of the produce from our land, so we are currently transitioning to fully organic farming.



Sustainability has been in the DNA of Monte das Aranhas from the start, because we understand the profound impact climate change will have in the near future.  At Monte das Aranhas, as our contribution to an effective reduction of our carbon footprint and a sensitive use of existing resources, we decided to carry out the following:

We have installed bat shelters and boxes for birds of prey by reutilizing recycled poles, as part of a collaborative project with the University of Évora

We have eliminated the use of synthetic products and pesticides, which has allowed the local fauna and flora to once again thrive on the site.

We work daily on improving the quality, the energy efficiency and the environmental impact of our processes. All hot water used in the houses is heated through 22 solar panels, reducing our consumption of fossil fuels.

Our swimming pools are saltwater which allows us not to avoid using chemicals in their maintenance.


We use ecologically friendly spetic tanks

We employ members of the local community, providing safe and healthy working conditions with the full participation of employees in the strategies of change and growth. 


Breakfast products are mostly locally sourced.

We are in the integration phase of "Operation Pollinator", a project to increase the number of insects in the area. 

We have built 2 organic gardens and it is with great pleasure that we offer the produce to guests.

We  invite our guests to collaborate with us to compost which is then then used in our organic gardens.

Recycling is a concern; in our houses you find information for the disposal of different types of rubbish.

Throughout the property, and inside the houses, guests will find symbolic suggestions that encourage energy saving.

All lamps are LED, both indoors and outdoors.

Throughout the year 2021 we incorporated the commitments of the project of certification of the sustainability program of Alentejo wines, as well as integrated the certification project for the sustainability of Biosphere – Sustainable Tourism.

In spring 2022 we will start a project with the University of Évora that will allow us to identify the fauna that returned to Monte after we

stopped using pesticides.

In the summer of 2022 we will start a beekeeping project to increase the bee population on The Hill.

We invite all our guests to collaborate with us to preserve our environment, our culture and our land.

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